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Why Go Earth?

Gavyadhar Organic Private Limited was founded in 2014 with an aim to help make Indian agriculture pesticide-free, re-home cows that were displaced by the increasingly unhealthy food industry, and to provide natural foods to the masses. We strive to bring back healthy eating habits through only organically grown foods so we will no longer have to deal with the monstrosity of illness-causing, chemically processed foods.

Sharvansingh Rao (a leading industrialist and businessman as well as a social and political worker) is the owner and promoter of the company. He is deeply attached with this issue and has been an executive board member on a revolutionary creative program run by an NGO to promote cow centric economic development of villages. He is very keen to stop all instances of cow slaughter, improve farm health by adopting chemical free practice of farming, control ecological environmental balance and enrich human health sustainably.

Our vision is for an agriculture industry that is chemical-free, affordable, profitable, ecological and celebrated

OUR MISSION- As a part of the Food Startups is to fulfill our responsibility of improving the annual income of farmers in agriculture. This will be accomplished by providing reliable, trustworthy, chemically-free food products which are delivered directly from the producers’ premises. When you purchase one of our organic products not only will you be helping the environment but each healthy meal fed to you also means one less child that seeks medical care. Our hope is having an environmentally friendly society which celebrates biodiversity consisting of indigenous Flora & Fauna.