Gavyadhar Organic Pvt. Ltd. was born with a very noble & dedicated cause to rehome GOMATA at the farm, to make Indian agriculture chemical free blessed with Gober (cow dung) and Gomutra(cow urine), to make dedicated efforts to come back human life from various death causing illness, toward true wellness.

Sharwansingh Rao (a leading industrialist & businessman, social & political worker, Gobhakt, developer), CA J P Gupta (a leading accounting professional, dedicated social worker, educationist, Gobhakt) are promoters of the company. All the two promoters are deeply attached since long as key office bearers with a revolutionary creative program ran by NGO to promote cow centric economical development of villages. All the promoters are very keen to stop GO-VADH, improve farm health by adopting chemical free practice of farming, control ecological environmental balance and enrich human health sustainably.

Although working platform of company is newly introduced but promoters are well experienced and deeply involved in all these methodologies.


Sustainable efforts to make agriculture chemical free, economically viable, ecologically enrich, using Gobar – Gomutra based bio fertilizer, bio pesticides, non GMO & hybrid seeds. Improve farm life, farmer life and human life.


To improve annual income of farmer in agriculture and GOPALAN, to cut medical bill on human health by providing trustworthy, hygienic, chemical free food products, to improve environment, bio diversity of indigenous Flora & Fauna of India.


Organic farming practices and food demand is growing rapidly since last couple of years internationally. An accelerative increasing trend of 40% annual growth provides emerging opportunities in this sector.

The center and state Governments are also promoting this segment to cut subsidy bill, to protect environment from chemical pollution, to save ground water level, to stop suicides occurrence of farmers, to increase employment opportunities in villages for stopping unplanned urbanization etc.

Gavyadhar Organics suppose that real organic practices can’t take platform without adding Gopalan, as Gobar – Gomutra, green manure are as a natural diet of farming land. So Gopalan is integrated part of our project.

Gavyadhar organic will convert approx. one lac hectare farming land of Gujarat and Rajasthan state in phased manner within five year plan.


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Always Fresh

Unlike artificially preserved foods, organic food travels from farm to kitchen faster.


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Super Healthy

Organic food comes with naturally more vitamins, minerals and omega-3s.


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100% Natural

No added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


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Premium Quality

World-class quality with certifications from several national regulators.